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Our planned route

The route

A long trip like this can not be planned in detail in advance. That was our plan when we started our trip:

  • April - September 2002: Southern Africa
  • October 2002 - February 2003: Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand
  • March - July 2003: Asia
  • August 2003: Europe, the returning ...

We had the fortune to prolong our trip in every county we visited - even a small country might bear many secrets!

2002 and 2003 the political world changed a lot. For security reasons as well as financial reasons we changed our plan ... we will return to Europe after 20 months on the road by plane (and by cargo ship).

We are driving with our Landrover Defender 110 Stationwagon,

Our Landrover

which gives us enough room to "live" in and allows us to take people with us from time to time. Sometimes we will be happy to take friends with us - either well-known from home, who come to visit us - or new ones, who give us a chance to getting to know the people we are visiting.
The Defender is equipped with a roof-tent which provides us with a cheap an closed-to-nature place to sleep. Also we carry with us everything we need to survive, and enough to keep us a little bit comfortable. We want to enjoy our rolling home - and we have to for quite some time!