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Back home since: 7364 days and 21 hours
On the road for: 663 days and 5 hours
Last entry in diary: 12/24/2003  (Number 151)
Last photo: 01/01/2004  (Number 819)
Actual country: Germany
Driven kilometers: 80170
Last position: 48° 11.812´N; 11° 34.331´E

Around the world ... that's the goal!

Do not click!

We always dreamt about it !

Discover new cultures, see new landscapes, travel around the World.
From 2002 to 2004 we realised our dream of a worldwide trip.
Twenty months with our 4X4 Defender through Africa, Autralia, Asia and Europe.
Follow us trough this adventure that began in April 2002.
This Website is our link to You: our family, our friends and our Web-friends.
Along our path, we try to regularly update our itinerary and our diary and answer your questions.
We are happy to have the possibility through the WWW to give you our impressions and show you our best pictures of the world.

Welcome to!!!!